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Far Horizon is dedicated to serving as your go-to contractor for water supply treatment systems and underground wet utility pipelines and networks. You can rely on our experience and expertise to keep your projects moving forward safely, on schedule, and within your projected budget. Additionally, we add relevant system maintenance as needed by our clients.

Together with the project management team, our devoted and skilled construction team will make sure that the project is implemented in accordance with the design, plan, and schedule while upholding quality standards. Our crew is qualified to handle various installation tasks, such as;


Supply & Installation of sea water desalination plants

Supply & Installation of water distribution systems

Supply & Installation of ultra filtration & CIP systems

Supply & Erection of Chlorine disinfection & UV disinfection systems

Supply & Installation of Rain water storage tanks and Product water storage tanks 

Supply & Erection of Degasser and Sedimentation tanks.

Supply & Installation of Pre-treatment for Domestic Wastewater

Supply & Installation of  Pre-treatment for Aircraft lavatory wastewater

Supply & Installation of Grit removal

Supply & Installation of Odour Control System

Supply & Installation of Biological Treatment System

Supply & Installation of Tertiary Treatment

Supply & Installation of Sludge Handling system

Groundwater Intake.png

Ground Water Intake

For borehole raw water extraction, municipalities require the highest levels of energy optimisation and resource sustainability, reflected in lower lifecycle costs. Over the years, Grundfos has pioneered numerous innovations that become and continuously influence new standards, and we have experience from a huge installed base of stainless steel submersible pumps and motors. The 100% stainless-steel SP pump offers superior corrosion resistance, which can help to ensure a long operation life even in the most demanding environments.  

Raw Intake.png

Raw Water Intake

For raw water intake from rivers, lakes and the sea, you require the highest levels of energy optimisation and resource sustainability, reflected in lower lifecycle costs. For sea water intake, your concerns are pumps that match the flow requirements, salt content and corrosion risk. Grundfos supplies cost-effective, reliable and energy-optimised surface water pumping solutions that meet these concerns.


Grundfos has a suitable pump for every type of intake. Water level variation, suspended solids such as grit and sand and water chemical composition need careful evaluation. We supply high-efficiency sea water pumps with low NPSH requirement (double suction, submersible, vertical), built with abrasion and corrosion-resistant materials. We also share knowledge with you by giving access to our pump selector, online design tools and downloadable technical documentation for an appropriate selection

RO plant.jpeg

Reverse Osmosis Plants

Desalination of seawater is rapidly becoming an additional and necessary source of potable water in many parts of the world. To ensure reliable processes, pumping systems need to be highly efficient, corrosion resistant and equipped with intelligent monitoring systems. The right design of a desalination plant – from intake to treatment and distribution – will reduce your costs in power consumption, maintenance and chemicals usage. Grundfos is highly experienced in desalination solutions and ready to help you every step of the way.


As a market leader within reverse osmosis, Grundfos creates highly durable and efficient solutions. Grundfos equips reverse osmosis plants that operate both in one-stage and two-stage systems. Starting with the seawater intake, Grundfos supplies high pressure BMS booster modules constructed in corrosion resistant stainless steel. Combined with energy recovery devices, this type of solution results in cost savings on maintenance, repair, power consumption and chemicals at the desalination plant. Our chemical dosing pumps dose antiscalants and other relevant substances to the process of chemical treatment – another essential process in desalination.


Municipal Water Supply

Reduce water leakage (Non-Revenue Water – NRW) and cut energy and maintenance costs with optimised pumping systems and pressure management. You get an intelligent water distribution solution with self-learning algorithms that increases municipal water pump station and system efficiency.


The solution extends pipe network design life, ensures correct water pressure at the consumer and delivers peace of mind from high reliability and smart pressure control.

Grundfos supplies pumps and controls to cover a wide flow range within water distribution systems from the high flow requirements of distribution from main pumping stations, the medium and low flow requirements within the distribution pipe network from local pumping stations and the pressure zoning with increased pressure for specific network areas from in-line pressure boosting stations.


Furthermore, precision management of pressure uses data from critical pressure points within the pipe network via intelligent self-learning controllers linked to network pressure surveillance. Our dosing and disinfection solutions ensure chlorination in the distribution network.

Domestic Pressure.jpeg

Domestic Pressure Boosting

For domestic water supply a water booster pump is designed to increase pressure in a water system in order to provide sufficient water flow and pressure to consumers. Low pressure often occurs in residential buildings during peak system usage, for instance in the mornings and evenings when most people shower and cook. But it also occurs when multiple taps in the home are open, when the home is at the end of the supply line or when there simply is a leak in the mains pipes.

02 - Far Horizon - Grundfos - Hotelier .jpg

Commercial Pressure Boosting

Sustaining the best possible water pressure in commercial buildings can be a major challenge. Our commercial water booster pump systems provide you with a solution that ensures optimal water pressure where and when it is needed.


Our pump systems are optimised for the application, offering features such as proportional pressure functionality for friction loss compensation in large pipe grids, and soft pressure build-up functionality for installations with an unstable power supply.


We built our pressure booster pumps with hygiene in mind. Stainless steel manifolds protect against corrosion, while all surfaces, connections and corners are completely smooth. This prevents dead corners, and thus creates the best possible conditions for pump system hygiene control, while also improving your general peace of mind.


Drinking Water Treatment Plants

Complex water treatment projects require consultancy from planning to design, cost evaluation, commissioning and maintenance to ensure that the complete water treatment solution is certified according to local rules and regulations. Grundfos has pumping, dosing and disinfection solutions for each stage of the water treatment cycle. We supply the equipment you require when treating large or small volumes of drinking water for the various drinking water treatment applications.


Sewage Treatment Plant

At the wastewater treatment plant, reliability is paramount. Grundfos ensures low lifecycle costs and the hydraulic stability necessary for effective mechanical, biological and chemical treatment. You benefit with reduced costs and greater efficiency.


We help you with the initial identification of needs and offer our design expertise, specification phase. Control and monitoring systems increase the potential for improving efficiency and reliability.



For the modern farmer, energy is often the highest single cost item. Grundfos supplies agricultural irrigation pumps that meet the low pressure and even flow requirements for uniform and efficient irrigation. Our pumping expertise and technology ensure uniform coverage despite fluctuating conditions, with pump efficiency optimized to reduce energy costs for running irrigation pumps, one of the highest single expenses for the farmer.


Pumps supplied for pressurized irrigation systems are perfect for sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation. Variable speed pumps and easily integrated controllers automatically react to changing conditions and demands to keep running costs down.


Whether your water source is surface or groundwater, your pumps powered from the grid or solar panels or there is a need for water treatment, Grundfos has a solution for you. 

Flood Control

Limiting the potential damage of coastal and inland flooding requires a pumping solution that is dependable. A combination of technical know-how, industry leadership and solution-oriented product development means Grundfos can deliver powerful flood water pumps with control solutions that cope with the high flow and low head demands required in flood pumping stations, for harbour management and in stormwater retention tanks.


We have decades of experience building complex flood control systems and can supply all pumps with monitoring and controls tailored to the pump system. Or we can deliver a complete flood pumping station complete with all mechanical and electrical equipment, and a control and monitoring solution via PLC for the entire system.

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